Beamer's Story


Beamer’s Story ~ Sarah’s Inspiration

When I first decided to venture out into the Holistic Healing world to share my healing gifts with others, I knew in my heart that my German Shepard, “Beamer” would be a part of this creation. Beamer was my rescue dog, who was saved from a terrible fate by a friend who works tirelessly to save abused animals.

As a puppy He was horribly abused; He was kept in a crate, starved and left for dead by a heartless owner. Thanks to a local police officer, Beamer was given another chance when he found him, wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the local animal shelter to be treated. After some veterinary care, and a short time at the shelter, Jimmy and I found Beamer and it was love at first sight. Even though he was still in bad shape, a mere 37 lbs, his left ear severely injured and legs so weak that he could only be carried, Beamer was already an inspiration. His beautiful spirit was shining through, and as we carried him, he seemed to be content just being outside in the fresh air!

With lots of love, caring & patience Beamer grew to weigh 109 lbs! We truly feel that it was a privilege caring for & loving Beamer more than seven years and watching him grow & adjust despite his abusive past. Because of my gifts, I was able to see that this beautiful dog of ours was always surrounded by an aura of white light, (sometimes different colors of aura’s).

And so Beamers Light was named for a loving puppy who has truly been an inspiration in my life in reaching out to those who are searching for what I have found.


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