Hot Weather Tips

Each summer, countless dogs and cats suffer needlessly and even die in cars that become ovens when it is hot outside.

On an average summer day, the temperature inside your car can reach a scalding 160 degrees in a matter of minutes. The average temperature of a dog is 101 degrees, and the danger zone is when a dog’s temperature gets over 105 degrees.

When dogs become overheated, they first begin to pant heavily in order to cool themselves. They then become weak and confused, followed by vomiting, seizures, and/or coma. They might unsuccessfully try to find relief on the floor of the car but can die of heat stroke within 15 minutes, all in a “quick” trip to the convenience store.

Shaded parking areas, cracked or even fully open windows, and air conditioned cars with the motors on do not provide any relief.


Do not leave them in a parked car when it is HOT; not even for a short time! It is not worth the risk of losing your BEST FRIEND.

Brightest Blessings,

Sarah Berkett
Animal Communicator
Intuitive Earth Angel

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