Most people just don’t realize how important doggie etiquette can be. They just don’t get the fact that as a dog owner they have certain things that they are responsible for about their dogs behavior. So lets talk about a few of those doggie do’s & don’ts.

JUMPING ON PEOPLE ~ This is a big one! It is just really wrong to allow your dog to jump on people. Your dog could knock them down if it is a big dog and even scratch them or get them dirty. So how do you keep it from happening, simple, training? Yes, training your dog not to jump on people is really not difficult and will allow your dog to be welcome in more places around people. If you just simply are not going to take the time to train then KEEP your dog on leash and far enough away from people so they cannot jump on them. This is the doggie etiquette #1 rule.

PICK UP THE POO ~ Yes for those dog owners that walk their dogs through the neighborhood, be a good neighbor and pick up your dog’s poop in the neighbor’s yard. As a dog owner I am sure that you wouldn’t want strange dog poop in your yard so simply do unto others and pick up the poop. It’s easy and your neighbor’s will love you.

BARKING DOGS ~ Does your dog bark all day in the backyard while you are at work? If so you probably have some unhappy neighbor’s. It can keep the person that works nights awake during the day and the neighbor’s baby can’t sleep, you get the idea. So how can you fix it? Here are a just a couple of ideas. Bring your dog into the house while you are gone. You can use a crate if you are concerned about your dog being destructive. The second option is a quick fix by investing in a bark collar. Bark collars are much more sophisticated than in years past and it can be an easy solution that will have your neighbors loving you again.

DOG PARKS ~ This is a big one and has a lot of dog owners concerned at the dog park. When you bring your dog to a dog park keep an eye on it. Dog parks are not a place for you to bring your dog so that the other dog owners have to watch it and scold it when it gets out of line or a wee bit aggressive. It’s your job so take it seriously.

These are just a few tips that you should consider if you really want to be a good thoughtful dog owner. Your family, neighbors and friends will love you and your dog for taking the time to do these things.

Brightest Blessings,

Sarah Berkett
Animal Communicator
Intuitive Earth Angel
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